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3/4 TPI Sandflex® Top Fabricator Bandsaw Blade 54 mm x 1.6 mm

Product Details
  • For cutting of structural steel, tubes and profiles
  • HSS tooth material for long tool life
  • Special PF tooth shape, reduces out of square cutting, stripped teeth, vibration, pinching consequently less broken blades
  • New, improved high speed steel tooth edge gives a combination of higher hardness and higher toughness for long tool life
  • Particularly well suited for mitre (angle) cutting
  • 5/8 TPI available for thin walled and single work pieces, as well as bundles
  • Maximum cutting performance from the specially designed tooth design
  • Long tool life thanks to the special HSS teeth
  • Well suited for mitre (angle) cutting
  • Double set makes the teeth stronger, more resistant to tooth stripping and longer lasting
  • Available with wide set for heavy structural, eliminating pinching
Technical Details
Simple product attributes
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3853-54-1.6-3/4 54 mm 2 in 1.6 mm 0.062 in 3/4 PF
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