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Ağır iş rigid 4 çekmeceli çanta, tekerlekli

Ürün Detayları
  • Indestructible tool case with injected copolymer polypropylene structural resin
  • Reinforced angles and ribs for maximum protection
  • Corrosion, water and dust proof - all parts are Skydrol resistant
  • Extremely resistant to very low and high temperature: -33º to 90º
  • Integrated identification/name badge
  • twin self- oiling 60x36mm wheels
  • Telescopic handle: Based on a HD structure, makes the case easy to “drive”. In order to cover the User’s different height, the handle’s Max height is 990mm
  • Central key lock and padlockable
  • Portable tray included in top compartment
  • Big handles on sides for easier lifting
  • 2 steps latches for cloding the top and drawers compartments
  • Several accessories available
  • interchangeable drawers
Teknik Detaylar
Gruplandırılmış ürün öğeleri
Ürün Çevrim içi satın al
4750RCWD4 575 mm 453 mm 340 mm 30/60/95 mm 463 mm 252 mm 12.99 kg
4750RCWD4-OR 575 mm 453 mm 340 mm 30/60/95 mm 463 mm 252 mm 12.99 kg
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