SDS Max Chisel Drill Bits for Reinforced Concrete

Product Details
  • Size range 90 mm to 110 mm
  • Hardened high quality and wear-resistant tool steel
  • Masonry, reinforced concrete, natural stone, artificial stone for light chisel work at renovation and restoration
  • Fits directly into all hammer drilling machines with SDS max holders
  • Point chisels are suitable for, for example, breakthroughs and wire slots as well as demolition work which goes for all chisel
  • Flat chisel has a higher breaking power than point chisels, well-directed use possible and suitable for most demolition work and breakthroughs
  • Scraping and spade chisels has a wider working tip which allows more removal of materials, spades can also be used for removal of hard clay
  • Hollow chisel, wing and wing canal is different versions for precise production of channels in masonry and concrete
  • Tile chisel is ideal for removing tiles (floor and wall)
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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4659-SPADE-40 110 mm 400 mm SDS MAX mm C-S X 1210 g
4659-BUSHING-24 45 mm 240 mm SDS MAX mm B X 1090 g
4659-FLAT -28 24 mm 280 mm SDS MAX mm F X 500 g
4659-FLAT -40 24 mm 400 mm SDS MAX mm F X 735 g
4659-FLAT -60 24 mm 600 mm SDS MAX mm F X 1125 g
4659-HOLLOW-30 26 mm 300 mm SDS MAX mm H 650 g
4659-POINT-28 280 mm SDS MAX mm P X 505 g
4659-POINT-40 400 mm SDS MAX mm P X 735 g
4659-POINT-60 600 mm SDS MAX mm P X 1110 g
4659-TILE-30-5 50 mm 300 mm SDS MAX mm T X 575 g
4659-TILE-30-8 80 mm 300 mm SDS MAX mm T X 625 g
4659-WIDE-30-8 80 mm 300 mm SDS MAX mm W X 645 g
4659-WIDE-35-11 115 mm 350 mm SDS MAX mm W X 955 g
4659-WIDE-36-5 50 mm 360 mm SDS MAX mm W X 760 g
4659-WING-C38-3 35 mm 380 mm SDS MAX mm W-C X 900 g
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