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Professional Air Secateurs with Single Cutting Blade

Product Details
  • Easy to use lightweight tool with powerful cutting action
  • Designed for pruning all kinds of fruit trees and for landscaping work
  • The safety hand guard protects the user from activating the tool accidentally
  • Equipped with a safety trigger
  • Body made of acetylic resin (POM)
  • Single piston with spring return
  • Blade in stamped hardened steel
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Cutting head with excellent slicing cut
  • Centre bolt locking system prevents loosening of the axis during continuous working
  • Special ice-free valve protects against condensation water freezing inside the tool in cold weather
  • Connecting thread requires a 1/4" male coupler for the air hose
  • Operate with 10 bar air pressure
  • Spare parts available
Technical Details
Viticulture Pomology Landscape
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Professional Air Secateurs with Single Cutting Blade 30 mm 9210 255 mm 10 bar 80 l/min 700 g
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