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BahcoFit VDE Insulated Slotted Screwdrivers with Multi-Component Handle 0.4 mm-2 mm

Product Details
  • Insulated VDE Screwdriver for slotted head screws
  • Phosphate finish tip for higher accuracy
  • 2-Component handle with vertical grooves of maximum friction, anti-slip and a large zone of soft grip for comfortable grip and high torque transfer
  • Soft, high-friction material with ridged surface for comfortable grip and maximum friction even when the hand is oily
  • Indelible symbol tip, easy to choose the right tip
  • Permanent symbol and markings on the handle for quick identification of the tip
  • Integrated hanging hole
  • For work on live equipment up to 1000 V, high quality blade insulation that is moulded directly onto the blade
  • Individually inspected and manufactured according to IEC 60900, tested in a water bath at 10000 V
  • Standards: ISO 2380, DIN 5264
  • SB = Retailed packed on a plastic hanger
  • Comfortable to use with two-component handle made with over 75% rubber
  • Maximum grip thanks to the vertical anti-slip grooves in the handle
  • Easy size and screw type identification from the markings on the handle
  • High-performance insulated alloy steel shaft with phosphate finish tip
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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SB196.030.100 0.5 mm 3 mm 100 mm 24,5 mm 95 mm 195 mm 42 g
SB196.065.150 1.2 mm 6.5 mm 150 mm 30 mm 105 mm 255 mm 94 g
SB196.040.100 0.8 mm 4 mm 100 mm 24,5 mm 95 mm 195 mm 42 g
SB196.055.125 1 mm 5.5 mm 125 mm 24,5 mm 95 mm 220 mm 70 g
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