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26" E72 Storage HUB Tool Trolleys with 5 Drawers

Product Details
  • 5 drawers heavy-duty tool trolley is based on a solid steel dual-walled case construction
  • Fully opening drawers equipped with ball-bearing sliders that glide very smoothly and have a capacity up to 30 kg
  • Rubber wheels ensure maximum stability, making the trolley easy to manoeuvre, even on irregular surfaces
  • Perforated side panels allow end-user add different Xpand accesories
  • Strong and secure round locking system protects the tool trolley against theft
  • Scratchproof powder coating outside and inside assures a high protection against rust
  • Shock protecting corner bumpers minimise the chance of injuries and damage to surrounding objects
  • Dual-walled case ensures that the drawers always open after a collision damages the outside wall
  • A wide range of Fit&Go ready-to-use foam inlays with tools is available
Technical Details
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1472K5BLACK 952 x 510 x 782 mm 600 kg 5 445 mm 543 mm 30 kg 125 mm 30 mm 65 kg 9005
Bahco-1472K-Industry-Appl-01.jpg Bahco-1472K-Auto_Repair-Appl-01.jpg Bahco-1472K-BOD8903A-appl-01.jpg Bahco-1472K-BOD8903A-appl-02.jpg Bahco-1472K-BOD8903A-BH5DP1000QA-appl-01.jpg
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