Battery Powered Chainsaws 2000 W

BCL131 Chainsaw
Product Details
  • For professional arborists
  • Reinforced front guard for hand protection
  • Comfort: weighs 2 kg
  • 2000 W brushless motor
  • Magnesium casing with good chip evacuation
  • Large handles at side and front for a solid grip
  • Low kickback chain and guide supplied with the tool
  • Comfortable to use thanks to its light weight, balance, manoeuvrability and power
  • Safer operation with its double press start up trigger
  • Constant optimal chain tension from the automatic tensioning device
  • Integrated folding key to re-tighten the chain
  • Additional safety due to an electronic chain brake in the event of fall or kickback Time and cost savings thanks to its low maintenance requirements
Technical Details
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BCL131 2000 W 45 CC 6200 300 mm 11 1/4 " 1/4 in 25AP/70E in - 0,25 l 84 dBA 2.8 mm/s-² 3 h 5 h 36 h 550 mm 180 mm 235 mm 2 kg
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