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A Bahco ERGO™ Hand Hacksaw consists of an ERGO™ Hand Hacksaw Frame and a Sandflex® bi-metal hacksaw blade; both of them contributing to the ergonomic qualities of the tool.

ERGO™ Hand Hacksaw Frames are designed ergonomically and have a very high blade tension for straight, accurate and exact kerfs. The spring-tensioned blade loader allows the blade to be changed quickly and keeps it fastened securely. It is also possible to mount the blade at 55° for flush cutting.

  1. Grip for the guiding hand, facilitates forceful and precision sawing
  2. Blade at the lowest edge and most forward point facilitates sawing hard-to-reach objects
  3. No sharp edges that could hurt the user. Soft, warm, high-friction surface
  4. The blade is easily tightened to a tension of 150 kg for a better sawing
  5. The blade can be mounted at 55º for flush cutting
  6. Protection for knuckles to avoid injuries
  7. The blade does not release when you loosen the tensioning lever
  8. Easy-to-use tensioning mechanism with no risk for pinching fingers
  9. The grip is distributing the pressure evenly to the palm
  10. The adjusting screw is recessed and there is no tension when turning.

Bahco Sandflex® bi-metal hacksaw blades are practically unbreakable and shutterproof and well known for their superior performance in terms of fast cut and longevity. Their precision teeth are suitable for all kinds of metal sawing.
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