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Torque Wrenches with Fixed Ratchet Head and Wire Loop

Product Details
  • Accuracy: ± 4% (CW)
  • Fixed ratchet head with safety pin
  • 24 teeth to 36 teeth/10° to 15° action
  • Plastic handle
  • Standards: ISO 6789
  • Suitable for working at height
  • Permanently fixed metallic wire loop maintains user ergonomics and full functionality
  • Colour plate with maximum weight for a right matching with the lanyard
  • According to DROPS best practices
Technical Details
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Torque Wrench with Fixed Ratchet Head and Wire Loop 20 N.m-100 N.m TAH7445-100A-1 20-100 N·m 1/2 in 425 mm 1110 g
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