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How it works

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    Follow the link below to join the Bahco Heroes Network

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    Complete your profile so we can match you to relevant actions

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    Participate in the actions to level up your Bahco Hero Status by gaining points

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    Higher status members get involved earlier in the creative process of product development and enjoy exclusive product offers


The Bahco Heroes Network (BHN) is a network of hard working professionals who take pride in their work and see the difference good tools makes, both for the results and for their own wellbeing.


We want to help our end-users to be successful, by providing the best tool solutions for their needs.


The BHN is where we turn to find the input we need to make sure we get it right.


All professionals who have hand tools as an essential part of their work are welcome in the BHN. What the BHN members have in common is a drive to improve and a willingness to share opinions and experiences.

We are constantly looking for new members in all relevant professions and all the countries we serve.


Being a member is simple and fun (if you like using tools)! Whenever the Bahco team needs input from the BHN, members with a relevant matching profile will be contacted.


All participation is voluntary and will be rewarded.