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1.2 A Charger for BCL1B1 Battery

Product Details
  • For quick charging use charger BCL1C3
  • Battery has 2 sockets, plug the charger only to the charging socket
  • BCL1C1A standard 1 A battery charger for BCL1B2 Li-Ion battery
  • BCL1C1 standard 1.2 A battery charger for BCL1B4 and BCL1B2 Li-Ion battery
  • BCL1C2 standard 2.2 A battery charger for BCL1B7 or BCL1B10 Li-Ion battery
  • BCL1C3 quick-charger for BCL1B7 or BCL1B10 Li-Ion battery
  • For storage till next season, always fully charge the battery
Technical Details
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BCL1C1 1.2 A 50,2 V 10-25 °C 180 mm 100 mm 90 mm 5 h 0.70 kg
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