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ProfCut™ Hardpoint Handsaws for Hard Wood/Plywood/Thin Profile

Product Details
  • Sawblade for cutting fine to medium-thick materials
  • 3-sided ground, super-sharp GT-teething, hardpoint teeth for long-lasting sharpness
  • Handle with a perfect rubberised grip and good sawing support
  • Comfortable screwed two-component handle can be used for approximate 45° and 90° marking guide
Technical Details
Gt Icon Thickness 0.83 Hard Point
Grouped product items
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PC-19-GT9 475 mm 19 in 9/10 0.83 mm 370 g
PC-22-GT9 550 mm 22 in 9/10 0.83 mm 420 g
pc-22-gt9_appl1.jpg pc-22-gt9_appl2 (1).jpg pc-22-gt9_appl2.jpg pc-22-gt9_appl3.jpg pc-22-gt9_appl4.jpg
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