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Mechanical Adjustable Torque Click Wrench with Marked Scale and Fixed Square Drive Head

Product Details
  • Dual scale N·m/ 
  • Can be used clockwise 
  • Controlled torque application events to ±4% CW 
  • Clicking system triggers a tactile and audible signal 
  • Fixed square drive head without a ratcheting mechanism for high torque application 
  • All-metal rugged, durable wrench with sealed mechanism 
  • Supplied in three pieces which need to be assembled for use and calibration 
  • Supplied with a factory declaration of conformity according to ISO 6789-1:2017
  • Made in USA 
Technical Details
Beep Warning Stop Applying Toque Dual Scale Fixed Square Drive Declaration Conformity Clockwiswe Accuracy 4%
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Mechanical Adjustable Click Torque Wrench with 1" Square Drive Fixed Head and Marked Scale 500 N.m-2500 N.m 7455-2500 500-2500 N·m 406-1807 lbf·ft 1 in 10 N·m 7.4 lbf·ft 2720 mm 2675 mm 2625 mm 99 mm 108 mm 75 mm 24.120 kg
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