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Lightweight aluminium trolley jack 2.5T

Product Details
  • 2.5T trolley jack with 100% aluminium body that makes it flexible and lightweight
  • Weighs just 25 kg
  • Ideal for racing and road service
  • Lateral insulated handles for easy transport
  • Dual piston system decreases the number of strokes necessary to reach the maximum height
  • Dust cover protects the pistons and spring from being damaged
  • Rubber saddle protects all surfaces and prevents slipping
  • Handy tray located at the bottom of the handle to hold tools, screws and nuts. Perfect for road service
  • Foam on the handle prevents damaging the vehicle body
  • Equipped with a safety pressure valve and descent speed control system with CE certification according to Directive 2006/42/EC and BS EN1494
Technical Details
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BH1A2500 2500 kg 95 mm 485 mm 740 mm 6 120 mm x X 200 x 370 x 800 mm 25 kg
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