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Increasing and Reducing Rectangular Connector Adaptors

Product Details
  • Allows adapting your wrench to inserts with a smaller or bigger receiver 
  • Insert is fixed to the torque wrench by a spring-loaded retractable pin 
  • Range covers from 9x12 to 27x36 receivers 
  • Suitable for 7465, 74W9, 74W14, 74P9, 74P14, IZO-D, TAW9, TAW14, TAW24, TAWM9, TAWM14, TAWM24 wrenches  
  • Torque length is altered and the target torque setting must be calculated 
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
9A-14 9x12 mm 14x18 mm 42 mm 30 mm 24 mm 180 g
14A-9 14x18 mm 9x12 mm 27 mm 21 mm 17 mm 100 g
14A-32 14x18 mm 24x32 mm 65 mm 56 mm 38 mm 1180 g
24A-14 24x32 mm 14x18 mm 42 mm 32 mm 25 mm 420 g
24A-27 24x32 mm 27x36 mm 65 mm 64 mm 42 mm 1040 g
27A-24 27x36 mm 24x32 mm 65 mm 56 mm 38 mm 980 g
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