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Head Torches with Dyneema String

Product Details
  • Wide beam (1.6 m from 1 m distance)
  • 2 digital light modes: Low beam (20%), high beam (100%)
  • Optical lens
  • Unique finger screw for tightening tilt
  • Cable in cold-resistant PVC (down to -40 °C)
  • Soft pad and high specification elastic strap for highest convenience
  • Complete with batteries
  • Suitable for proximity lighting
  • Compact and extremely lightweight, durable
  • Suitable for working at height
  • Permanent Dyneema textile wire loop maintains user ergonomics and full functionality
  • Colour plate with maximum weight to match with lanyard
  • According to DROPS best practices
Technical Details
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Head Torch with Dyneema String 90 mm x 95 mm x 115 mm TAHBFRL11 115 mm 95 mm 90 mm 260 g
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