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Handheld Videoscopes with 3.5" LCD Screen

Product Details
  • Suitable for inspecting pipes, cylinder heads, ventilation systems and hard-to-reach areas
  • Easily transfers videos and pictures to a computer or TV
  • Thanks to the digital zoom, you can detect the smallest details such as damaged threads and the smallest of cracks
  • Equipped with a high resolution 3.5" colour LCD screen that ensures great rendering
  • The narrow camera lens cable gives access to almost all hard-to-reach areas
  • Interchangeable camera lens cable, chosen from the extensive existing range (options)
  • The 4 powerful LEDs light up the darkest areas, 850 lux (at 10 cm) with a stepless light regulation
  • All keys are designed to be easily manoeuvrable even with gloves on
  • Multilingual software is available in 21 languages
  • Mirrors pictures directly in the device
  • Videoscope withstands roughest conditions and environments, thanks to durable anti-shock housing, oil- and scratch-resistant tempered glass
  • Can be used for the documentation of any kind of inspection job
  • The robust plastic case includes: One videoscope device, 1 m, Ø5.8 mm semi-rigid cable, 1 GB memory card
  • Mirror modules 35°, 45°, 55° and one magnet module
  • Anti-slip rubber protector, screen cleaner, mini USB cable, charger
  • Spare parts: battery (ZHVIDEOBAT), charger (ZHVIDEOCHA)
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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ZHVIDEOBAT 56 mm 50 mm 5 mm 0.04 kg
ZHVIDEOCHA 75 mm 44 mm 40 mm 0.17 kg
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