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ERGO™ Pointed Heavy Duty Professional Bow Saws 21"

Product Details
  • Bow saw frame developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • For better access in tight areas, such as roofing and gardening
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty saw with high blade tension for straight cutting
  • High blade tension mechanism for straighter cutting
  • Fitted with a type 51 blade for dry seasoned wood
  • ERGO™ handle with knuckle protector for more comfort and safety in use
  • High quality steel coated with high-impact enamel paint for protection
  • Pointed nose for better access
  • Made from high quality steel and protected from rust and corrosion by a coating of high-impact enamel paint
  • Maximum comfort with minimum effort due to the ergonomic design
Technical Details
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ERGO™ Pointed Heavy Duty Professional Bow Saw 21" 332-21-51 530 mm 21 in 180 mm 7 in 51 663 g 23.4 oz
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