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Tungsten Carbide Cylindrical Round Nose Rotary Burrs for Aluminium

Product Details
  • For deburring aluminium and other soft materials
  • Special cutting edge suitable for soft materials
  • Use wax to avoid chip build-up
  • Application areas encompass machining aluminium
  • DIN: SPG
  • AL-Cut: for machining aluminium, wax should be used to avoid chip build-up
  • Stock standard: X = yes
  • Indispensable tool, used in large number of industrial sectors including aviation, shipping, automotive and the chemical industry etc.
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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C0616AL06 6 mm 18 mm 6 mm 50 mm 6 24 g
C1225AL06 12,7 mm 25 mm 6 mm 70 mm 6 63 g
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