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Trolley jack, 1T

Product Details
  • 1T Multi purpose jack designed for lifting cars, ATV/Quads, motorcycles, etc.
  • It has two functions: it works both as a trolley jack (lifts the vehicle up) and as a jack stand (keeps the vehicle lifted)
  • Clicking/ratcheting system locks the lifting arm in four positions
  • Dual piston system decreases the number of necessary strokes by 50%
  • Extra large foot pedal and composite curved handle for quick, safe and comfortable use
  • Steel and PU wheels ensure both excellent durability and silent handling
  • Rubber saddle protects vehicle surfaces and prevents slipping
  • Foam on the handle prevents damaging the vehicle body
  • Equipped with a safety pressure valve and descent speed control system
  • CE certified by Official Independent Technical Inspection Association
Technical Details
BH1M1000 - Technical Dimensions.jpg
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BH1M1000 1000 kg 110/115 mm 465/505 mm 700 mm 9 120/340x50 mm x 700 mm 478 mm 1280 mm 49.5 kg
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