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Terms and Conditions – “Bahco Storage Campaign“

1 - ORGANISING COMPANY. The company SNA Europe SAS, a French “société par actions simplifiées” registered in France (Pontoise) under registration number 509 621 736 and whose registered office is located at Allée Rosa Luxembourg - 95610 ERAGNY SUR OISE  (the “Organising Company”), organises from 1st October 2021 at 00:01 until 20th November 2022 at 23:59 (the “Duration of the Operation”) a contest entitled “Bahco Storage campaign” (the “Operation”) on the website accessible at the following internet address: (the “Website”). The Contest will consist for the Participants to purchase a Bahco roller cabinet /tool trolley and participate to a contest online.

The Operation will be divided in two rounds:

  • First round from 1st October 2021 to 20th November 2021.
  • Second round from 21st November 2021 till 20th November 2022.


Submission arriving after 20th November 2021 at 00:01 will automatically be included in the second round.


1.1 SNA Europe SAS provides this game altogether as an independent company with the sole purpose to promote and market its goods and services. The game is not to be seen as gambling, a lottery, or otherwise as a game of chance, but as a competition based on the actual contribution from the participants. The game is furthermore facilitated and carried out only through legal and professional means to advertise and market SNA Europe SAS and its goods and services.


2 - PARTICIPATION. The Operation is available to any adult – “the Participant”- (aged 18 years and over) residing in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, excluding the Organising Company employees, the persons who directly or indirectly took part in the conception, in the making or in the management of the Operation, as well as their direct family members. The participation is limited to one (1) per person (same surname, same first name and same email address) for the Duration of the Operation. The Organising Company reserves the right to verify that the Winners have entered the Operation in accordance with the present rules, as the non-compliant participations will be disqualified and cannot qualify for a prize.


3 - ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE OPERATION. The Operation will be advertised to the public via the Website, in SNA Europe partners’ shop participating to the Operation and other advertising media, including social media.



In order to enter the Operation, the Participant needs to purchase one of the four (4) roller cabinets among the models included in the Operation as follows

  • 1472K5BKFF2SD
  • 1472K7BKFF12SD
  • 1472K7BKFF21SD


These roller cabinets are to be purchased a participating authorised Bahco dealer/retailer through the Duration of the Campaign, retain the proof of purchase (receipt); and complete the online submission form and upload his/her proof of purchase online at or scanning the QR represented on the promotional leaflet through the Duration of the Operation.


Only Participants who successfully respond to the question on the submission form with their details and proof of purchase will be retained to participate in the Operation.



Participants should comply with the conditions stated in article 2 and 4. It is reemphasised that the Participants can register multiple times.


  1. PRIZES.

For the whole Operation, the following Prize will be offered:

One of two Bahco branded Shark Mountain Bikes with an average commercial value of £1000 excluding VAT. This prize will be delivered flat packed and will need to be assembled by the winners. The Organising Company declines any responsibility on any missing assembling parts.


7 - ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. In order to enter the Operation, the Participant has to connect to the Website through the Duration of the Operation, to complete the appropriate submission form, providing for that purpose, his/her surname, name, email, phone number or other questions indicated in the submission form before clicking on the tab « Send».



The Operation will take place no later than 20th November 2021 and 20th November 2022 under all entries that conform to Article 5 above to identify the winners of the Prizes given away as part of the Promotion. After the draw, the winners will be notified by e-mail at the e-mail address provided when registering for the Contest.



One Prize will be awarded before end of November 2021 and the other end of November for 2022.

When the Winners are contacted via email, they will be asked to provide a complete postal address to which the Prizes may be sent and a date/time for such arrangement. The Participant is responsible for providing an accurate address for delivery purposes. The Organising Company declines any responsibility should the Prize be sent to a wrong address. The Prize will be delivered in person by a Bahco representative to the Winner’s address, as stated in his/her email. In the event a Winner does not respond within fifteen (15) days from the date on which the email was sent, a second email will be sent. In the absence of a response from said winner within a week from the date of the second email, the Prize will be considered lost and the Prize will not be put back in the Competition.


10 - UNAVAILABILITY OF THE PRIZES. The Prizes cannot in any way be exchanged against their value in cash, or against any kind of other reward and are non-transferable. The Organising Company may however replace the Prizes with other prizes of equivalent or higher value if circumstances beyond the Organising Company’s control make it necessary to do so.


11 - FILING AND PROVISION OF THE RULES. The entry to the Operation implies the full acceptance of the present rules. The rules are available free of charge and printable at any time on or upon request at SNA Europe SAS – Service Marketing - BP 20104 Eragny - 95613 CERGY PONTOISE FRANCE.


12 - COSTS REFUND. The costs of the Internet connection needed in order to enter the Operation will not be refunded.


13 - FRAUD. The Organising Company will be able to cancel all or part of the Operation if it appears that a fraud was committed in any form or by any means, in the context of the participation to the Operation or of the designation of the Winners. Moreover, it reserves the right not to distribute the Prizes to any participant who cheated and/or to bring proceedings against them before the competent courts.


14 - FORCE MAJEURE. The Organising Company reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the Operation in the event of force majeure. Its liability will not be engaged in this case.


15 - LIABILITY. The entry to the Operation via internet implies the acknowledgement and the acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular regarding the technical performances, the time of response to consult, question or transfer the information. The absence of protection of certain data against potential misappropriation and against the contamination risks by potential virus circulating on the Internet, shall not in any way expose the Organising Company to any liability. The Organising Company shall not be liable in case of loss of Internet communications or alteration of the participations (network communication, network breakdown) and more generally, in case of any disruption of the Internet. The Organising Company shall not be liable in case of malfunction or failure of the postal network and, in particular, in cases where the Prizes are lost during shipment, are not received, are damaged or when their delivery is delayed. Likewise, the Organising Company shall not be liable in cases where the Prizes are misdirected due to incorrect information provided by the participants or in cases where the Prizes were not received by the Participants within the timeframe set by the postal service.


17 - PERSONAL DATA. The processing of personal data of the participants is necessary in order for the Organising Company, acting as data controller, to manage efficiently the Operation and to make sure the Winners receive their Prizes. This data is used by the Organising Company and, if needed, its sub-processors assisting in the implementation of the Competition, for the purposes of the Operation and, if needed, to enable the Organising Company to send commercial communications to the participants who agreed to it by ticking the corresponding box in the online form. If participants agreed to the commercial prospection by email, their personal data will also be sent to the sub-processors assisting the Organizing Company in that field. Participants are informed that they do not have to accept to receive by email commercial communications to take part to the Competition.


The legal basis of the processing is the legitimate interest of the Organizing Company (i.e. organization of a contest via its website). If participants gave consent to the processing of their personal data to receive by email updates and other information relating to innovations and event of the Organizing Company, the legal basis of the processing is their consent. Participants have the possibility to withdraw their consent at any time, or ask for the portability of their personal data, by sending a mail to or to SNA Europe SAS – BP 20104 Eragny – 95613 CERGY PONTOISE France.


Personal data will be kept for a maximum of 3 years as from the collection or the last contact with participants.  In accordance with data protection laws, participants have a right of access, of rectification and deletion, limitation of all or part of their personal data, as well as a right to object to the use of such personal data. The Participants may exercise these rights by sending a mail to or to SNA Europe SAS – BP 20104 Eragny – 95613 CERGY PONTOISE France. The persons who will exercise their right of opposition before the end of the Operation or who do not provide persona data marked as mandatory in the online form will not be able to participate to the Operation and receive a Prize.

If participants consider that the Organizing Company does not ensure data privacy rights, they can send a complaint to the CNIL or any other competent data protection authority. For further information as regard the way the Organizing Company process personal data please see: the Privacy Policy



18 - GOVERNING LAW AND DISPUTE. The Operation and the present rules are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France.  Any objection or claim in relation to the Operation shall be sent to the Organising Company to or to SNA Europe SAS - BP 20104 Eragny - 95613 CERGY PONTOISE France.