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Felling Axes with Curved Ash Wood Handle 600 mm-700 mm

Product Details
  • Curved ash wood handle, according to DIN 5132, form B
  • FSC certified
  • Suspension hole of 8 mm (European standard) in the handle for easy storage
  • German style head with a thin, wide blade ensuring a clean and easy cut into the wood
  • Secured by a jagged composite plastic wedge equipped with a Euro hanger and a metal ring-wedge
  • Easy penetration and clean cut of wood from the thin, wide blade, quality tool steel head
  • Comfortable to use curved solid ash wood handle
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
FGS-1.25-700-WB 700 mm 27 1/2 in 1730 g 61 oz
FGS-1.6-810-WB 810 mm 32 in 2210 g 78 oz
FGS-1.0-600 600 mm 24 in 1400 g 49 oz
FGS-1.25-700 700 mm 28 in 1850 g 63 oz
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