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Battery Powered Secateurs 865 W

Product Details
  • Pradines cutting head with slicing cut and a capacity up to 35 mm
  • Highly efficient brushless motor
  • With a external heat sink dissipating thermal energy from the grip area
  • Progressive trigger working with an optical sensor for full and half-opening
  • Electronic control of blade crossing
  • 3 different operating modes to adapt to the job
  • Supplied in a rigid case with removable insert for easy storage once in use
  • Including battery BCL1B1, charger BCL1CO, holster BCL2H, belt BCL2B, armband BCL21AB and grease BCL2GR
  • Small and light weight, ideal for pruning vineyards
  • Comfortable to use it reduces strain on elbows and shoulders
  • For powerful cuts and low consumption
  • Clean cuts, superior cutting performance and easier penetration through wood thanks to low friction blade which extends battery runtime
  • Easy blade change and adjustment with the blade retaining system
  • Adaptable, with 3 cutting options: progressive cut, progressive fast cut, non-progressive fast cut
  • One tool suitable for both left- and right-handed users
  • Eco-friendly, low noise, odour free and zero emission operation
Technical Details
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BCL21 865 3.45 150 Wh 35 mm 1-3/8 in 0,85 kg 0 oz Li-ion 800 9 h 0.4 A 260 mm 10-1/4 in 255 mm 10 in 40 mm 1-1/2 in 130 mm 5 in 0.68 kg 0 oz
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