1/4" Electronic Torque Angle Wrench with Fixed Ratchet Head and Memory 1.5 N.m-3 N.m

Product Details
  • Torque units in N·m, kg.cm, dN·m, ft.lb, lb.in and angle units in degrees 
  • Torque range covers from 7 to 800 N·m and from 5.1 to 590 ft.lb 
  • It can be used CW and ACW at temperatures between 5 ºC and 42 ºC 
  • Memory capacity of 50 readings and up to 10 presets 
  • Torque, angle, torque then angle and preset modes  
  • Counter 
  • Data and set value retention during battery exchange 
  • Programmable automatic shut-off time 
  • Programmable Recalibration warning 
  • More advanced configurations and settings available in the user manual 
  • Accurate to ±2% CW and 3% ACW between 20% and 100% of max torque 
  • Visual (dual LEDs + backlit LCD display), audio and vibration signal 
  • 40-tooth fixed ratchet heads from 3/8" to ¾" square drives 
  • Bezel in ABS and all-metal body for higher strength and duration 
  • Metal handle with reverse threaded end cap to enclose AA alkaline batteries (included) 
  • Supplied in sturdy blow mould case 
  • Supplied with a factory declaration of conformity traceable to International Standards and CE marking 
  • 2014/30/EC, ISO 6789 
  • Made in USA 
Technical Details
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TAW1430 1.5-30 Nm 13.3-265.5 lb·in 1.11-22.13 lb·ft 1/4 in 0-360º 358 mm 345 mm 302 mm 20 mm 20 mm 11 mm
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