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Regardless of the storage challenge you face, trust Bahco’s expertise to deliver the best tool storage solution for your workplace.

Solutions inspired by you

We listen closely to you and the challenge you face, drawing on past projects and experiences to offer the optimal storage solution.

European manufacturers

Bahco has a total of 11 European factories, including our kitting centre in Spain, where all Bahco Tool Storage Solutions are designed, developed and built.

Enhanced efficiency

Bahco Tool Storage Solutions streamline tool identification by adhering to expert organization criteria, which saves time, enhances efficiency and productivity, and optimises resources.

24,000+ tools

Our catalogue of 24,000+ hand and cutting tools is the heart and soul of our storage solutions.

Solutions for every industry

Aeropspace, automotive, repair, military & defense, pharmaceutical & cleanrooms, power generation, trades, and much more.

With you… from start to finish>

From the inception of an idea to the final bespoke Bahco Tool Storage Solution, our tool storage experts will help ensure every detail is chosen with intent and purpose.


Well-designed tool storage solutions are a pivotal element of busy, modern workplaces. But optimising efficient and effective tool storage can be a challenge for many professionals. That’s where Bahco comes in.


Bahco’s tool storage solutions offer flexible, innovative and ad-hoc designs to suit every industry, workspace and budget. We offer three levels of customisation for our tool trolleys and hardware solutions (such as rigid cases or plastic boxes), starting with Total Configuration, for bespoke designs created using our proprietary BETMS Configurator, through to our online Trolley Configurator for more standardised designs. We also offer off-the-shelf portable storage solutions that come with a comprehensive selection of tools to suit specific sectors, such as, aviation, automotive repair and more.

1. Total Configuration:

Bespoke BETMS solutions

Collaborate with our experts as they design your unique Bahco Tool Storage Solutions from scratch using our proprietary BETMS Configurator –the Bahco Ergo™ Tool Management System. This unique technology developed by Bahco offers unprecedented customisation options for all tool storage solutions, including tool trolleys and other hardware. See below for more details.

The advantages of working with our proprietary BETMS Configurator:

  • The ability to customise every aspect of each new tool storage solution design, including: size, colour, composition, foam inlays, engravings or laser markings on tools, the option to add accessories
  • Work closely with a Bahco specialist, receiving help and guidance on your unique tool storage solution
  • Every stage of design and development is supervised by our tool storage experts
  • Highly efficient software, with zero risk of error • A 50% reduction in lead times

With the BETMS Configurator, together, we can:

  • Customise any Bahco tool trolley or hardware solution to suit your precise specifications
  • Design your bespoke tool trolley by selecting the colour and drawer configuration, as well as selecting the accessories such as work boards, windshield support, tool panels and more
  • Add ready-to-use foam inlays with a range of preselected tools, or design bespoke foam inlays for each drawer or tray
  • Adapt new foam or methacrylate inlays to any current tool storage hardware you already own

With the BETMS software, we work together to customise:

Foam inlays:

  • Plot the exact layout of your tools (both new and current) • Add colour-coded slots for infallible organisation and visual control
  • Choose methacrylate inlays instead of foams for specific industries, such as clean rooms
  • Adapt new foam or methacrylate inlays to any current tool storage hardware you already own


  • Add personalised laser markings to each and every tool with your corporate name, logo or desired codification

2. Library of solutions:

Tried & tested designs

We have curated a vast library of tool storage solutions featuring thousands of successfully developed projects for specific industries, sectors and workspaces. Choose one of these tried & tested solutions as a template and adapt it to suit your unique criteria. All BETMS configuration options can also be harnessed for these flexible projects.

3. The Trolley Configurator:

Online configuration program

Design your own tool storage solution by choosing a Bahco tool trolley, the number of drawers, optional accessories and finally, Fit&Go foam inlays, which contain a wide range of ready-to-use foam inlays with tools for each drawer. The tool trolleys available through the Trolley Configurator are the E77 Premium and E72 models. For a bespoke design, contact Bahco and harness limitless design options using the BETMS Configurator.


Beyond our tool trolleys, the Bahco range of tool storage solutions also encompasses hardware such as rigid cases, workbenches, cabinets and panels, metallic tool boxes, plastic boxes and textile and leather equipment.

Tool trolleys
As well as Bahco’s Premium E77 model, we also offer the E72 and classic C75 ranges, which come in different sizes (53”, 40” and 26”), colours and with varying numbers of drawers.
Rigid cases
Robust protection and portability for travelling professionals, allowing you to take your extensive set of tools with you on the road.
Cabinets, workbenches & panels
Stationary and highly-organised tool storage solutions for busy workplaces with limited floorspace, such as mechanics’ garages.
Metallic Tool Boxes
Durability and protection for delicate tools, ensuring they withstand intensive working environments and transportation.
Plastic Boxes & Cases
A selection of carryable and wheelable storage options, ideal for travelling professionals.
Foam inlays & tools
A wide range of ready-to-use foam inlays and tools to fit each Bahco hardware storage solution. These foam inlays can be adapted to fit any other storage solution you currently own. The range also encompasses our Fit&Go Modular System (over 300 sets), featuring three different sizes of foams (1/3, 2/3 and 3/3) for our 26” trolley drawers.
Textiles & leather bags
Lightweight yet sturdy tool storage solutions that can be strapped to the body if needed, facilitating transport.
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For more information, download our Bahco Tool Storage Solutions leaflet.