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Policy Environment, Health and Safety

We are committed to non-negotiable Product safety and workplace.

We strive to protect the quality of the environment and public welfare in our communities and implement sound environmental policies to prevent, mitigate and, where appropriate, the remedy impacts on the environment of the community.

We believe in the importance of protecting natural resources and environmental goals can and should be consistent with economic health.

Our approach Environment, Health and Safety extends to all aspects of our operations, product development and supply chain to promote sustainability.

Objective and Operational Control

The strategy of total control of our locations, our environment, health and safety establishes compliance with all local, state and governmental regulations as the minimum requirement. 

limited control of our suppliers. We encourage our suppliers to adopt similar programs to ours whenever possible, and we offer assistance in this effort. 

Our products. We evaluate the impact and influence of the processes of development and design of new products. 


Environmental Policy

  • Greenhouse gases - We remain actively involved in identifying measures to conserve energy and resources to achieve, where possible, reduce resources at all our sites. 

  • Total Industrial Waste - met all local, state and government requirements related to the disposal of industrial waste. We review our processes and procedures periodically to minimize the total industrial waste. 

  • Waste Recycling - establish processes to maximize performance improvement of raw materials and reduce waste recycling. 

Environment, Health and Safety

  • Rates Global Security - We cause analysis for each accident. We review and implement corrective and preventive actions, as appropriate.  

  • Fatalities and Serious Injuries - Our goal is to achieve zero fatalities and serious injuries associated and contracted. 

  • Enforcement Actions and Non-conformities regulatory - We strive to eliminate and prevent non-conformities. We perform annual assessments to identify and prevent non-conformities. 


  • Diversity - All companies have equal access to contracts and business opportunities. 


  • Security - We offer products that meet all applicable safety standards, and inform our customers about the proper use of these products.

  • Design for Sustainability - We implement product innovation and design practices to reduce environmental impact.

Quality philosophy

Our quality policy is:

  1. Involve all employees in providing superior products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations and our goals, working within our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001

  2. Working in a spirit of continuous improvement and do things right the first time, while providing full and timely delivery of products and services in the most effective way possible

philosophy RCI

The philosophy of SNA RCI Europe provides that each process can be improved continuously at the same time complying with these desired results: 

  • Provide associated SNA Europe a safe and ergonomic work environment

  • Ensure production of quality products that meet our customers' satisfaction

  • Create a level and continuous flow of production that meets the delivery requests of our customers

  • Improve the overall efficiency of SNA Europe, creating a competitive advantage

  • Pursuing perfection 

The management team SNA Europe is committed to actively lead the continuous improvement efforts. Read more ... 

Relationship with Suppliers and Compliance Regulations

SNA Europe has established Procurement Policy for social responsibility to conduct fair and equitable across the supply chain transactions. The policies cover issues including legal compliance and respect human rights, labor, safety, health and environmental on issues such as risk control or chemical content and information security. SNA Europe is constantly improving its acquisition socially responsible obtaining compression and vendor support for policies and building strong partnerships.  

SNA Europe makes fair and impartial transactions by providing equal opportunities to all suppliers (including potential candidates) in accordance with its internal procedures. SNA Europe initiates and continues transactions with suppliers on the basis of criteria full evaluation, including their compliance with the laws and social standards, environmental protection, security of adequate information, respect for intellectual property, stable business management, superior technological development capabilities, the right price, quality and stable supply capabilities. 

SNA Europe strives to ensure fair price and quality in order to provide its customers with a stable supply of optimal products, which ensures that SNA Europe win the full confidence of customers worldwide. 

SNA Europe does not allow any employee to have relations with any supplier personal interest. 

Providers who use subcontractors to provide the goods and services SNA Europe will also be responsible for the outsourced part of compliance with our policies.  Read more ...

Code of Conduct and Ethics

In SNA Europe we have great respect for high ethical standards, mainly driven by integrity and principles. These words define who we are and how we act. We are committed to our values ​​as individuals and as a society, anywhere in the world where we operate. You need to have desire to act with integrity and operate at the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We make decisions every day, and most of them are easy. But for complex situations, we have guidelines and a framework for how to run our business in a demanding environment. We belong to Snap-on Inc., we follow the Code of Business Conduct is available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Russian.

The Code of Conduct covers the most important aspects of working life and provides guidance for partners SNA Europe to maintain the excellent reputation of our company.  Read more ...