Research and Development

Years of R&D investment underpins our success. Research and Development has always been the firm foundation on which the global success and reputation of Bahco hand tools and equipment have been built over almost 130 years.

The brand’s parent company, SNA Europe, is distinguished by its leadership in innovation. This is well illustrated by its world-leading, scientific development programme within the field of hand tool ergonomics, reducing the risk of hand muscle strain or injury which repeated tool use can present.

Centres in Spain and Sweden

Bahco has two highly specialized R&D centres. One is in Sweden, developing products for the company’s Cutting Division, the other in Spain, where the focus is centred on the Turning Division.

Through creative visualization and design, coupled to the use of the very latest manufacturing materials and techniques, Bahco offers professionals a unique, multi-specialism catalogue with more than 15,000 references.

The company has achieved more than 400 patents worldwide and, over the years, has won many awards for design and excellence.

A provenance of meticulous R&D

Each product family has been designed by experts, backed by their vast knowledge of the needs and requirements of tool users. They resolve to achieve the best solutions in all business and industrial sectors, in all working environments and weathers. 

Bahco’s success is the sum of its myriad of specialities.  Every product which bears the Bahco name shares a provenance of meticulous research and development which has made the brand synonymous with the values professionals demand, including safety, comfort, durability, toughness, performance and value.