Ane Merino

TAGS: Bahco, Heavy duty, pliers, side cutting pliers

The new 21HD has been developed to outperform on the heaviest tasks. A true heavy duty hand tool.

To define the new Heavy Duty, Bahco R&D+i department performed more than 1,600 different cuts: combining different angle-radius couples with 10 different wire types. Once we had an idea of which ones where the optimum geometries we performed life cycle tests. The result? Side cutting pliers that outlive 50,000 cuts!

STURDY YET ACCESSIBLE! The 21HD ERGO™ Side Cutting Pliers have been designed to reach into even more confined spaces yet be extremely sturdy. The handles are the main hindrance when it comes to accessibility, that is why for the 21HD the handles have been drawn backwards to leave more metal frame visible and enhance accessibility.