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The 2016 edition just finished and our team’s cars n°6 and n°7  have a nice experience that they wanted to share with us! We would like to congratulate them! They send us some nice pictures of the race to share.

Who is team Ole Choda?

It is the only team that has taken part in the Rhino Charge since it began in 1989. The team has always featured in the top 10 and always been a contender for the top prize. This year all eyes were on Team Ole Choda as last year was very controversial and they were placed 3rd overall. Never the less they were prepared for the task at hand with BAHCO! This year they reached the 7th rank.

They will share with us their adventure soon on Bahco World.

What is Rhino Charge?

According the, the race is described as a competition in which entrants are required to visit 13 points (guards posts) scattered over approximately 100 km² of rough terrain within a 10 hour period. Entrants are supplied with a 1:50,000 scale map of the venue, co-ordinates of the 13 guard posts and their start position the night before the event. Each competitor must plot the guard posts on the map and decide his/her route. The winner is the competitor who visits the most guard posts in the shortest distance (GPS measured).

Why Rhino Charge exists?

Rhino Charge is not only a fun race across beautiful mountains and landscapes, it is more than that. The main objective is to raise funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, an NGO which work for the conservation and protections of Kenya’s mountain rage eco-systems.

History of Rhino Charge

The race exists since 1989 and was originally created to support the construction of the Aberdare Electric Fence. Now each entrant must pledge and raise a minimum sponsorship fee between 250.000 KES and 1 million KES. The first Rhino Charge race raised 250.000 KES. In 2015, participants raised 108 million KES.

For this year, 139 million KES have been raised and given to the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust.

A real success for the race!

Congratulations to All!

Soon we will share the experience of the Team on Bahco world. Come back to read that.

If you want to know more about the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust or the Rhino Charge