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TAGS: anti-drop solutions, hang bags, pouches and belts, tool lanyards, tools at height

“Bahco is proud to be among the first hand tool manufacturers offering anti-drop solutions for tools. While developing the Bahco Tools at Height assortment we turned to professional users within the field to find out what their exact needs are. The result is an assortment including elastic and retractable tool lanyards, hang bags, backpacks, pouches, and belts.”

Rope Access is an industrial climbing firm, specialized on wind power, bridge and offshore work that has long sought for anti-drop solutions for hand tools. ‘We have previously been forced to create our own safety solutions using ropes to tie the tools to harnesses and belts, so the Bahco Tools at Height assortment is really spot-on and exactly what we need’, says Petter Gellerstam, CEO of Rope Access Sverige AB.

Bahco Tools at Height helps stopping dropped tools from harming personnel, causing damage, or disrupting work. Whenever there is a risk that a dropped tool could hurt people or damage equipment – Tools at Height can be used. The system also provides secure tool transportation to the workplace and reliable tool retention during use.

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