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Lidköping Open is a karting race sponsored by the Royal Prince of Sweden in association with STCC and KAK, the leading motorsports organizations in Sweden.

For the fourth year in a row, the karting race Lidköping Open and Prince Carl Philip Racing Trophy was held at Lidköping Motor Stadium on 6-7 August. Prince Carl Philip Racing Trophy was instituted in Prince Carl Philip's initiative in 2013 and aims to help young karting talents forward in their racing careers. In addition to a mortgage on the trophy for the winners, the podium winners will also be able to test racecars included in STCC's package of racing classes.

In total, nearly 200 drivers to start in Lidköping Open divided into six classes: Junior KF, KZ2, Rotax Max, 60 Junior, Rotax Max Junior and Rotax Max DD2. In the first three participants compete of Prince Carl Philip Racing Cup and single seater test waiting for the podium winners of these classes in October.

Prince Carl Philip invited to a celebrity race in his own karting race in Lidköping Open. But he was not eager to invite any of your friends to victory, he took care of the finest trophy himself.
- Great fun to drive celebrity race, said the prince, smiling.
In the starting field there were several active race drivers, where Prince Carl Philip is one, the Prince competing in the STCC for Volvo. The field also included drivers who competes internationally in Carrera Cup

The race had 500-1000 visitors daily. Bahco displayed tool using the demo trailer and also, the Bahco Outlet moved outside for the first time. The demo trailer, is equipped with BETMS trolleys, and sliding walls for other hand tools to show most of the Bahco assortment.  Great interest for Bahco tools as there were many mechanics, both professional and enthusiasts.

Prince Carl Philip was the distributor of prizes. Bahco sponsored all drivers with a 10 pack of hand hacksaw blades as an entry gift as well as promoted the podium with socket sets in two of the race classes.