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Bahco ERGO™ Screwdrivers are more than just aesthetically pleasing as they have been developed through our three-phase Bahco ERGO™ Process to be easier to use, more comfortable to hold and significantly more functional. Yes, even with an as “simple” tool as a screwdriver, ergonomic design does make a big difference!

Features & Benefits

  1. Black tip provides precise fit and no flaking
  2. Blade made from high performance alloy steel for more strength and reliability
  3. Hexagonal nut of 8 mm blade diameter to apply more torque with the help of a wrench
  4. Easy to choose the right tip with colour coded handle and symbol on the end. Colour and symbol don’t wear out
  5. Cylindrical shaft with small diameter helps to tighten and loosen screws quickly and easily
  6. Optimal length on the handle neck. Fingers are always correctly positioned for quick turning and precision control
  7. Tri-component handle combines strong core with good grip
  8. Only rounded shapes. No pressure points no matter how the screwdriver is used
  9. Soft, high-friction material with ridged surface for comfortable grip even when the hand is oily
  10. Flat face to prevent the screwdriver from rolling
  11. With hole for easy storage
  12. Large, rounded end to apply force without hurting the palm of the hand

In our Product Catalogue you can find more information about the different tips and their colour coding (pages 424 – 425)  and also discover the full assortment of ERGO™ Screwdrivers with technical details and product codes (pages 434 – 449).

They are available also in the Bahco Online Catalogue (under the category Screwdrivers).
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