BCL1B nabíječ baterie.

Podrobnosti o výrobku
  • When akumulátor is discharged, tool stops and akumulátor beeps intermitently
  • akumulátor has 2 sockets, plug the charger to the charging scoket
  • Charging time depends on akumulátor level, environment and akumulátor age
  • Environment for charging: dry, ventilated, dust free, 10-25 °C
  • Before use fully charge the akumulátor (99% steady on display)
  • Even for storage till next season, fully charge the akumulátor
  • Quick charging is possible with BCL1C3
  • A standard charging is recommended after every 5 quick charges
Technické podrobnosti
Simple product attributes
Produkt Koupit
BCL1C2 2.2 A 50,2 V 10-25 °C 235 mm 130 mm 110 mm 12 h 8 h 1,07 kg
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