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The design

Our strongest, safest modular tool trolley

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The E77 Premium Storage HUB combines top of the line safety with innovative design—including anti-tilting drawers, individual drawer shock-protecting corner bumpers, precision dual-braking wheels and a range of advanced accessories.

Drawer configuration

  • 6 - drawers
  • 7 - drawers
  • 8 - drawers
  • 9 - drawers


  • Orange RAL2009
  • Grey RAL9022
  • Black RAL9005

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The core

The super-strong case at the heart of our HUBs

The innovative, strong case is a key element at the core of the E72 and the E77 Premium HUB. It is built with first-class steel, strategically positioned welding points and reinforced with special brackets, all combined with a scratchproof powder coating to protect it against corrosion.

Dual-walled case
If the outside wall is damaged in a collision, the dual-walled case ensures that the drawers will always open.

Scratchproof powder coating
The inside and outside of the case and drawers have been given a scratchproof powder coating with the same high standards used by car manufacturers. Combined with the first-class raw materials, the core is extremely durable. Even in extreme working conditions, like offshore industries.

Perforated side panels
The sides have special perforation slots into which you can hook different tool panels and holders.

Solid steel construction
The dual-walled case is strengthened with strategically- positioned welding points, minimising the possibility of cracking. Key areas are reinforced with special brackets to make the Storage HUB even stronger. The top and bottom panels are also made from one piece, so the trolley can perform in the most demanding environments.


Shock-protecting corner bumpers

The robust, individual drawer bumpers are made of fibre-strengthened plastic and can easily take a bump – even when the drawers are open. The rounded design with no sharp edges minimises the chance of user injuries and damage to surrounding objects.

Engineered for comfort handle

The solid steel pushbar has a thermoplastic handle to provide a safe grip, even in cold conditions. This user-friendly handle is U-shaped to ensure a natural position.

Safe and secure dual-braking system

The unique 1DAAT-system ensures that only one drawer can be opened at a time and prevents the trolley from falling over unexpectedly. The drawers stay shut automatically when the trolley is being moved thanks to the new pivoting latching system.

Open drawers without tilting risk

The innovative dual-braking system on each of the two swivel wheels secures the trolley solidly to the ground, preventing movement in any direction.


Endless variation with the modular top

We have created the perfect tool trolley by combining a heavy-duty structure, a composite soft-touch finish and modular expansion abilities.

Interchangeable bench tops

The removable central section lets you modify your bench top and adapt your trolley to varying working conditions. The interchangeable bench tops are available in composite (standard), chestnut wood, MDF and stainless steel. The composite bench top can withstand the most common lubricants.

Modular attachment system

For the easy addition of accessories, unique guiding poles and mounting clamps have been developed specially for the Storage HUB E77 ‘PREMIUM’. This modular attachment system lets you create the most personal tool trolley.

Quick storage capacity

The side compartments on top of the Storage HUB E77 ‘PREMIUM’ have built-in chambers for fast storage capacity, like screwdrivers and other hand tools.


Innovative Bahco designed wheels

With its innovative precision wheels, the trolley is very stable and rolls comfortably, even on irregular surfaces. The rubber wheels will leave no floor marking, are resistant to most common lubricants and have a static load capacity up to 1,000 kg.

Stronger drawers which can open fully

Thanks to the sliders with ball bearings, the drawers glide very smoothly, can open all the way and have a capacity of up to 30 kg.

The key to ultimate security

The round master locking system protects the E77 Storage Hub against theft. A master key is also available, allowing you to use only one key to lock multiple tool trolleys. The compact and trendy key holder contains a spare key. Would you prefer electronic protection? Then choose to lock using a PIN code or a MIFARE smartcard.

Extra storage? No problem

Expand your Storage HUB E77 ‘PREMIUM’ with the special E87 Top-chest to provide even more storage capacity. The Top-chest is available with 4 drawers and in 3 different colours.

Add-on solutions on top of the top!
With the Top-chest on top of your trolley, you can still add a wide variety of Bahco Xpand accessories.


Customise your tool trolley with accessories.

Our wide range of Bahco Xpand accessories lets you create a tool trolley to suit your needs. Whether you need extra storage bins, a roll holder, a laptop board or an extra tool panel. We are continually developing new accessories and add-on ideas, which makes. That makes the Storage HUB one of the world’s most multi-functional storage systems. Now and in the future.

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