Sandflex® Bi-Metal Sabre Sawblades Set for Heavy Metal and Demolition - 5 Pcs

Product Details
  • Set includes 3940-150-5/8-DSL, 3940-228-5/8-DSL, 3940-228-10-DSL, 3940-150-14-HST, 3940-228-14-HST blades
  • Bi-metal blades all extra thick and wide for demolition and heavy-duty work
  • Virtually unbreakable Sandflex® bi-metal blade for all materials and type of cuts
  • HSS toothing with 8% Cobalt on a spring steel back on the Bi-Metal blades ensure extreme durability.
  • Perfect for all jobs from demolition of walls with nail-embedded wood to thick steel beams
  • 3 slope (SL) shaped and 2 heavy metal blades (HSL) for various types of cuts
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3940-HDD-SET-5P 5 222 g
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