12V Hybrid Booster with Capacitors

Product Details
  • 1200 cranking amps 12V booster powered by capacitor technology inside, and additionally equipped with a backup lithium battery
  • The lithium battery charges the capacitors when the battery of the vehicle to be boosted does not have enough energy to recharge the ultra-capacitors by itself
  • Equipped with five capacitors of 750 farad each for extremely efficient supply of high power at high cranking amperage almost instantaneously (cranking amps is what is required to make the vehicle start)
  • The capacitor lifetime is more than one million charge/discharge cycles before noticeable loss of performance, and they are fully maintenance-free
  • Equipped with multiple safety features
  • It offers three easy and quick ways to recharge the capacitors
  • 1. From the flat battery of the vehicle to starting via the clamps (60-120 seconds)
  • 2. From a 12V DC via the cigarette lighter cable (4-6 minutes)
  • 3. From the back-up lithium battery (4-6 minutes)
  • It is equipped with a very easy and intuitive control panel that shows
  • - Ultra-capacitor charging level
  • - Vehicle’s battery voltage
  • - Lithium pack charging level
  • - Messages informing about features and status of the booster
  • Based on the principle “more length, more cross-section”, we have optimised the wire cross-section and length to make the wire cross-section as small as possible without compromising power delivery
  • Very light, only 2.95 kg, so it can easily be placed on top of the engine when connecting the clamps
  • Equipped with heavy duty clamps with copper bridge for complete amperage transfer the battery that needs boosting
  • Override mode for boosting when there is no battery mounted in your vehicle or when your vehicle’s battery is completely flat
  • Glow plug mode for boosting diesel engines in cold weather conditions
  • Rubber boot on the bottom of the booster allows it to be placed on tilted surfaces
  • CE certified according to Directive 2014/30/EU
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BBH12-1200 12 V 13 mm² 900 mm -40°C < T < +65°C °C 150 mm 30 mm Yes 5 x 750 F 2,95 kg
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