12V Electrical Brake Bleeder

Product Details
  • 12V electrical brake bleeder
  • Selectable pulse and continuous bleeding modes to suit the requirements of all car manufacturers
  • Suitable for DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 brake fluids
  • One-person operation machine: It gives more efficiency in the workshop
  • Connection on vehicle's 12V battery
  • Permissible pressure from 0.2 bar to 3.5 bar for both bleeding modes
  • Pressure easily adjustable with the potentiometer
  • Heavy duty bleeding pump
  • Safety features
  • Buzzer for reverse polarity connection and low brake fluid level
  • The internal movable switch will never allow air to penetrate into the device and therefore into the vehicle brake system
  • 6A fuse protects the main switches, pump and device electronics
  • Stainless steel body protects against corrosive workshop fluids
  • Quick connections with anti-return system
  • 4.6 metre cable with insulated clamps of 20 mm opening width
  • Supplied with an E20PW adaptor and a 1 litre bottle for used fluid
  • 10 litre tank for fresh brake fluid with a sight gauge for brake fluid level in the tank
  • Optimal operating temperature: 10°C < T < 30°C
  • CE certified and marked with individual serial number
Instruction Manual Download
Instruction Manual Download
Instruction Manual Download
Instruction Manual Download
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BBRBB12 895 x 390 x 395 mm 12 V 4600 mm X 0.2-3.5 bar 6 A 14.6 kg
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