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Spare Body for 4614-1 Scissor Type Extractor

Product Details
  • Made of special steel
  • Galvanised finish
  • Induction hardened and wear-resistant spindle
  • Application: Due to shearing action, the arm's clamping force is increased when pulling
  • Claws are narrow and pointed at one end which makes this puller well suited for work in confined spaces
  • 4614-1 Suits for armature bearings on three-phase current generators
  • 4614/B Spare body
  • 4614K Pair of spare arms
  • 4543-4532/S Spare spindle
  • 4543-3/S Spare spindle for 4614-1 (M10x105, SW12, 60 g)
  • 4532-OAB/S Spare spindle for 4614-2 (M14 x 1.5 x 135, SW 17, 190 g)
Technical Details
Simple product attributes
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4614-1/B 100 mm 76 g
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