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18 V 5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Details
  • Lithium-ion batteries have best energy/weight ratio when compared to NiMh or other type of Lithium batteries
  • This 18 V battery can only be used with the Bahco 18 V range of tools
  • On-board LED gauge shows the battery charge level
  • Charging up to 80% will take maximum 125 minutes with BCL33C1 and 85 minutes with BCL33C2
  • The time depends on the remaining battery capacity level, the charging environment and the age of the battery
  • Available chargers: Standard model reference BCL33C1 or quick charging model reference BCL33C2
  • The power delivered is always constant compared to other battery types
  • Safety short-circuit protection on battery prevents cell destruction
  • Overcharge protection avoids damaging the battery cells, maintaining a longer lifecycle
  • Battery holding system prevents any unintended drop off
  • During charge charger will also protect the battery from over-current, over-heating and over-charging
Technical Details
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BCL33B3 18 V 2 A·h 135 min 100 min 0.70 kg
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