Spirit levels

The heavy duty 466-range of Bahco spirit levels is ideal for high demanding construction work. The levels can withstand a guaranteed drop of 2 meters without losing its accuracy of 0.5mm/m. All 466 levels have one or two hand grips for easy handling and better measuring results.

Within this range there are also four sizes between 400 and 1200 mm available with a magnetic feature. Ideally for people using levels on pipes or metal constructions. The unique V-groove makes the levels suited to be used by plumbers when leveling pipes and bars.

On the side of the 466-range a measuring scale is printed for more precision and quick measuring.

Further the 466-250 is a so-called scaffold wrench. Due to the 30-degree and 45-degree angles on the side, it is an instant measuring tool when placing scaffolding. Also the mini level is equipped with a vertical and horizontal vial and has a magnetic surface on the bottom.

Except for our heavy duty range, there is a Bahco 426 and 446 range of traditional box levels.

Extension of this range is the small Torpedo Level (426TOR9) which is ideally suited for working in confined spaces thanks to its small and compact design. Unique for this Torpedo Level is the 45-degree vial.