Quick Clamps

Bahco Quick Clamps are user-friendly but powerful clamps in three different power and price models incorporating several useful features and comfortable, ergonomic handling.

Three different models

Bahco QCS Superior series is designed for very heavy work requiring the highest possible clamping power. Superior comes in two sizes of 150 and 300 mm span widths respectively and are fitted with an extra high pressure lever enables these clamps to return a clamping power output of 300 kilograms.

Bahco QCB series customers are professional users who need powerful and easy-to-use, one-handed clamps. Clamping power is an impressive 200 kilograms and Bahco QCB comes in six different sizes with a span width ranging from 150 up to 1250 mm.

The third clamp, the QCG series, is somewhat smaller than QCB and Superior, although still strong enough to provide the clamping power needed for everyday tasks. It is also available in two sizes: 150 and 300 mm.  



  • A clamp developed for everyday clamping, slightly lighter and smaller than the other quick clamps
  • 70mm depth and 150 or 300mm clamping
  • Easy between the grip release mechanism
  • 125 kg clamping force


  • Made for everyday professional work where a strong clamp is needed
  • The variable speed function, makes the high clamping force easier to reach as the clamp moves a shorter distance when reaching the work piece
  • 95mm depth and from 150mm up to 1250mm clamping
  • V-Groove pads to make clamping pipes or corners easier
  • Easy to turn into a spreader
  • Easy between the grip release mechanism
  • 200 kg clamping force


  • Made for very demanding work, where strong clamping force is needed
  • The Power lever makes the clamping force get up to 300 kg even with weaker hands
  • 95mm depth and 150mm to 300mm clamping
  • V-Groove pads to make clamping pipes or corners easier
  • Easy between the grip release mechanism
  • 300 kg clamping force


  • Smaller clamps for extra hold when gluing or for clamping more delicate material
  • Two component handles
  • 25mm and 50mm clamping
  • Pivoting clamping heads which makes holding angles or edges possible
  • Spring actions, no lever or buttons to push