Pruning Saws

Professional users in viticulture, pomology, landscape and gardening have known for many years that Bahco is one of the most reliable names in tool making. Our broad range of pruning and cutting tools is recognized for efficiency, effectiveness, user-friendliness, quality and design:

  • they increase the pleasure and success of pruning and caring for plants
  • features like precision ground blades and special coatings extend the life of our tools
  • correctly hardened and sharpened cutting edges reduce workload and produce clean cuts which enable plants to heal quickly and resist disease.

The JS blades have aggressive toothing for an extremely fast and easy cut – for green wood and thick branches. Available in sword saws 24 cm and 28 cm and one folding saw.

Product features and benefits

  • Rounded, narrow nose – gives access to tight areas
  • Unique concave blade surface – reduce friction; less force required
  • Wide gullets - for transporting the wood chips
  • Non-set teeth but taper ground – for a clean finish

JT blades have been designed for clean and fast pruning of green wood. Ideal pruning saw for winter pruning.  Available in sword saws 24 cm and 28 cm and one folding saw.

Product features and benefits

  •  Long teeth with narrow gullets
  •  Non-set teeth but taper-ground blade, conical profile – perfect clean finish
  •  Steep rake angles

XT7 blade has a very aggressive tooth for mature and dry wood but also for very green wood when pruning in late spring. Every third tooth is shortened  which adds strength to the blade.  Available in foldable pruning saws.