We have developed a new and unique tool which helps the construction workers in setting laths on roofing jobs.

The tool makes the work of placing laths 40% faster than conventional methods. Roofers today make their own piece of gauge to set the laths, but those are unique for each roof and will not help the roofer to get a firm grip of the lath. Thanks to LathKo's gripping feature, only one hand is needed to hold the lath with the LathKo, while the other is free to use any other tool.

LathKo originated in the Nordic countries, where roofers, for hundred years, have used a wooden lath template. Created individually by each carpenter, for each roof to fit the tile measurements. This template is known as a lathko. However, creating this template takes extra time. A new one needs to be created for each roof. The template is neither light, smooth, adjustable, nor does it have a grip that would hold the lath. Therefore Bahco decided to work on this new product, to develop the functions and give roofers a simpler way of roofing. The original name, however, remains.

Product features

  • A built in scale makes it easy to fine tune the measurement between the laths (up to 455mm)
  • 25 –80mm Opening to grip all types of roofing laths
  • Distinct grove knobs make the adjustment easy without using any tool
  • Low weight aluminium - the LathKo only weighs 469g and is very easy to carry on the roof
  • PVC coated handle gives a comfortable, firm and non slip grip
  • In built loop makes it possible to hang the tool at the belt