Hand Hacksaw Frame

The Bahco 325 hand hacksaw is a truly unique and professional tool. It is derived through Bahco’s scientific 11-step ERGO™ program in order to meet all the professional users’ demands on functionality, strength, quality and design.

The blade is centered for correct balance and the high blade tension gives straight and accurate kerfs. Quick blade changes are made possible by a spring tensioned blade loading mechanism. The beauty of a well-designed product like the 325 are built in features like the curved design that allows the front of the frame to hit something hard without risk of hurting the users knuckles. Another quality aspect is that the frame is designed in order not to block the view of the cut.  

Product features and benefits

  •  Two-hand grip for comfortable and easy operation
  •  Solid aluminium frame that allows high blade tension for straight and accurate cuts
  •  Blade tension is adjusted by an adjusting screw and a tension lever making it easy to create high blade tension
  •  Easily tightens to a blade tension of 150 kg with the tensioning lever
  •  The adjusting screw is not under tension when turned, making it easy to fine tune the tension
  •  A spring-loaded blade holder assures the blade is not released when the tension is loosened
  •  Quick and easy blade change
  •  Alternative 55° blade mounting for flush cuts
  • Supplied with the 300 mm (12'') reliable and shatterproof Sandflex® Bi-Metal Hand Hacksaw blade 24 TPI for excellent cutting performance