ERGO™ Secateurs

Professional users in viticulture, pomology, landscape and gardening have known for many years that Bahco is one of the most reliable names in tool making. Our broad range of pruning and cutting tools is recognized for efficiency, effectiveness, user-friendliness, quality and design.

The design of the ergonomic secateur results from five years of scientific research and hundreds of users testing all over the world.

The benefit of the design of the ergonomic secateurs can be felt in two major advantages for the end user:

  • less fatigue at the end of the day and
  • a less painful, longer and more productive working life.


Fixed handle ergonomic secateur

The most innovative secateur design in the world. Ergonomic design in a modular system that lets you build a secateur that fits perfectly in your hand.


Rotating handle ergonomic secateur

Same head and palm handle as the PX, but with a comfortable, elastomer coated rotating handle. PXR feels like part of your hand and cuts with optimal accuracy and ease.

Product features

  • Vertical and lateral inclinations
  • Shape of the handles
  • Elastomer coating on upper handles
  • Choice of cutting head
  • Choice of spring
  • Hand measuring system

Product benefits

  • Keeps your wrist in a neutral position
  • Provides comfort
  • Helps to spread pressure evenly
  • Provides the rights cutting head for each job
  • Adapts the secateur to the power of your hand
  • Guides you to find the best secateur for you