Combination Wrenches

Bahco combination wrenches are at the forefront of technology and tool development. By continuous improvements, the combination wrenches are more easy to use, functional, and durable than ever before.


Product features and specifications

  • Open end angle at 15°
  • Ring end angle at 15° provides space for the knuckles while gripping the tool and turning
  • Ring end with 12 points Dynamic-Drive Profile provides longer life for screws and nuts
  • Exceeds the torque requirement of ISO standards
  • Prolonged tool life by reinforcements in otherwise sensitive areas
  • Designed to optimize accessibility in restricted working areas
  • The shank is U-shaped in order to provide a more comfortable grip. The thumb is placed on the crated side of the shank and the fingers are comfortably wrapped around the rounded side of the shank.
  • The width of the areas where the thumb is placed is adjusted to give a sturdy and secure grip around the tool
  • Made from high performance alloy steel with micro matt finish