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We can't wait to set our Bahco tent up for another year and we know you can’t wait for the festival either, but with so many acts to see we don’t want you to miss out on any brilliant performances. We’ve put together this list of ten must-see bands at this year’s Sweden Rock and included one of their finest tracks to give you a temporary rock fix.

Entombed AD  

Where: The Sweden Stage                                                         When: Thursday 9th June 14:30

A death metal band that has risen from the ashes of Entombed, the tight, hungry sound that they encapsulated in ‘Dead Dawn’ this February is every bit as iconic as the heavy metal they made their name with in the 90s. With an infamous live set, if you’re looking for a wild, loud performance you have to see Entombed AD.


Where: Lemmy Stage                                                                  When: Thursday 9th June 20:30

Blood-pumping and head-banging, Megadeth are everything that rocks about metal. Since 1986, when ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine formed the band and they burst onto the scene with ‘Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?’, Megadeth have combined heavy, thrash and modern metal to create songs that you can’t help but rock out to.


Where: Festival Stage                                                                  When: Thursday 9th June 19:00

When you think of loud, fast metal that shakes every bone in your body, Slayer are still on the cutting edge. Watching them live is an all or nothing experience unlike anything else in metal and their brutal, unforgiving style is sure to leave you on a high. Seriously, don’t miss it—people will be saying ‘I was there’ for years to come.

The Hellacopters

Where: Lemmy Stage                                                                  When: Friday 10th June 20:45

The Hellacopters flew onto the rock scene in 1996 with ‘Supershitty to the Max!’ and their fast-paced sound that captures influences from soul, punk and garage rock. Having split in 2008, their Sweden Rock set is a world-exclusive reunion for the Scandinavian action rock band, so the excitement in the crowd is something you won’t want to miss.

Vanilla Fudge

Where: Sweden Stage                                                                  When: Thursday 9th June 20:30

For a set that demands a little less head-banging but is still bursting with rock classics, Vanilla Fudge will always deliver. Loyal fans will no doubt be waiting long before the set begins, so those who want to experience Vanilla Fudge’s anthems would be wise to get to the Sweden Stage in advance.

Twisted Sister

Where: Festival Stage                                                                  When: Friday 10th June 22:15

The people of Sweden have adopted this New York band for their anthemic shock rock and glam metal. A festival favourite, they just know how to write songs that make people want to move. They’re not the only ones who want to rock, so make sure you catch the iron men of rock & roll as they give their last show in Sweden…ever!

Imperial State Electric

Where:  Sweden Stage                                                                 When: Saturday 11th June 17:30

If you need a break from the moshpits and screeching guitar riffs, then Imperial State Electric’s softer combination of pop and rock with a touch of punk will be music to your ears. An electric sound that is more likely to break hearts than amps, Imperial State Electric are perfect to watch while soaking up the summer sun.


Where:  Rockklassiker stage                                                    When: Wednesday 8th June 22:30

Dark, brooding and complex, the theatrical sound that Tribulation produce is utterly unique and something that shouldn’t be missed. With ‘The Children Of The Night’, one of the top metal albums of 2015, behind them, if Tribulation aren’t already on your radar then they need to be. Look no further for haunting melodies and savage drumming.

Friday Night Specials

Where: Rockklassiker stage                                                     When: Thursday 9th June 13:50

Prepare yourself for Friday Night Specials’ rock & roll vibe, complete with more attitude than you can handle. One of eight unsigned bands chosen to play at the festival, their sound is influenced by varied genres but creates one, unforgettable approach to rocking out.

King Albatross

Where: Rockklassiker stage                                                     When: Thursday 9th June 19:30

From the heart of Sweden, this edgy up-and-coming metal band was chosen as part of New Music In Sweden’s competition to find new talent deserving of the Sweden Rock stage. With a melodic, driving sound, King Albatross are set to take the metal scene by storm, so make sure you catch them before they make it big.