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Bahco, as official partner for the hand tools of the Signatech-Alpine teams had access to the Alpine hospitality center. A temporary center has been built by Alpine to receive more than 250 people every day. On the two-floor building, you can reach a nice terrasse to enjoy the race and also a place to eat and drink when you meet different business partners and/or Alpine team members.

Bahco was proud to invite customers to discover the race in that nice hospitality center. As it is placed in the Dunlop Chicane, it gave a clear view on the race track. One of the best places to feel the atmosphere of the race.

We received an international group of customers from France, of course, but also from Spain, Italy, Poland and Norway. In total, 56 persons were enjoying the race with Bahco people.

One of the best moments of those days was the visit of the Alpine Garage. Everyone could feel the tension and the atmosphere of the Alpine engineers, mechanics and drivers working. It was also a way to see that our tools are used during those intense and crucial moments of the pit stops where mistakes are forbidden. We are proud that Signatech-Alpine trusts our tools to perform their job. We work closely together to offer them the best quality tools.

So it was a great experience and a pleasure to share that event with our customers!

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