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Thousands of people are participating in this historical race every year. The course is 86 km long and  passes through  beautiful  Norwegian scenery like mountains, forests and valleys from the village of Rena to the Olympic city of Lillehammer. 

In 1993 the first Birkebeinerrittet took place with 1327 participants.Today the race has almost 13000 participants.  All the participants has to wear the 3.5 kg backpack symbolizing the heir to the Norwegian throne, Håkon Håkonsson, saved by the original Birkebeinerne in year 1205. You may read more about the history here:

The race is suitable for both recreational and elite bikers.

It really is an adventure and this year Bahco was a part of it with 9 participants, both customers and employees.

It was a great challenge!

Discover nice pictures of the Bahco team participating!