Bahco World


At Bahco we’re reaching the grand old age of 130. That’s 13 decades of delivering award winning tools to our customers, from aviation engineers to plumbers. The Bahco brand is steeped in rich history and as we look towards the next 130 years, we can take a moment to reflect upon how we got here today.

While Bahco’s first saw may have gone into production in 1886, the inspiration for the brand originated in 1862 when the Swedish company Högbo Stål & Jernwerks AB were founded to produce the highest quality steel. This laid the foundations for Bahco who began to use this steel to develop our first superb saw blades.

The steel developed by Högbo Stål & Jernwerks became renowned for its reliability and shortly after Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad (which would later become Bahco) started to create finely crafted saws.

When we first started selling our steel saws, we needed a way to let our customers know the level of quality they were getting. Fishing hooks need to be hard, strong and not brittle in the slightest. Bahco recognised that as a perfect combination for saws and other cutting tools. With that in mind, the fish and hook logo was born and for the next century hardware suppliers would frequently be asked if they sold saws “with the little fish.”

Throughout the 1800s Bahco continues to revolutionise the hardware industry and by the time founder Johan Petter Johansson retired from his workshop, he held over 100 different patents.

Before he set up the company that would later become Bahco, JP worked as a farmhand with an insatiable curiosity for how things worked and how to improve them. When his mother became concerned about the use of paraffin lamps throughout the property, JP took to soldering and made a metallic lamp. With no formal training, just a passion for efficiency, he modified his father’s threshing machine to allow it be pulled along by a horse.

As JP grew older, he wanted his name associated with the inventions he was creating. Setting up his business, he refused to accept the status quo and revolutionised the tool industry inventing the pipe wrench and innovating the adjustable spanner (this led to Bahco’s invention of an adjustable wrench.)

As JP retired, knowing he left his mark on the industry, he sold Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad, which was swiftly renamed to the global brand you know today, Bahco. Over the past century Bahco have been continuing JP’s work and through our ergonomic tool management system, the BETMS and our ERGO range, we continue to innovate the industry.

Throughout our 130 years in the industry, starting with JP and leading up to our bespoke BETMS, we’ve had one thing in mind – How can we make your life easier? Our ERGO range ensures our tools are user friendly to prevent repetitive strain injuries and over the next 130 years we’re going to be finding new and exciting ways to lead the industry. If you want to see our factory in San Sebastian, Spain, share your story and you could be in with a chance of winning.